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A Visual Storyteller

Rasmus Svarre is an artist living and working in Denmark. He works as a Painter, Illustrator, Writer, Graphic novelist and a bamboo flute maker. He achieved a Master in Visual Culture from the University of Copenhagen.

Rasmus has received numerous working grants from the Danish Art Foundation, supporting his artistic work.

Rasmus is represented at Gallery Juel Verland Art in Holbæk, Gallery Klejn at Bornholm, at the shop Tadaima Cph in Copenhagen and at Gallery Art for Future in Copenhagen, specialized in art associations.

"I'm interested in the space between the painted landscape and pure abstraction. Following the path laid down by the English watercolor giants; Turner and Constable, and Americans like Sargent and Wyeth. And Chinese Ink masters from Fu Baoshi to Liu Kou-Sung. All the inspiration boils down to a loose expressive technique trying to capture the raw Nordic landscape that surrounds me and that I grew up in. I like a very limited palette, believing less is more."

Thanks for looking.


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